Mother and Child

I chose this example because of its elegance.  It shows the story of mother and child without any human form. The type is so formal and elegant it captures the essence of a mother. The fact that the child is inside of the mother type shows how the mother is protective of the child.
– Abby Sanders

Font Fruit Salad

This coffee mug is a wonderful example of horrible text.  The designer used over ten fonts and five of them were in one word alone.  The fonts themselves are some of the most common and overused fonts that shouldn’t be used in this context.  The tracking and kerning are also off and overall the “design” of this piece is simply awful.

– Kathryn Evans


Burger Heaven

I choose this mostly as a comedic effect. Personally I read it as “Heal Thy Burgers” when it is meant to say “Healthy Burgers”. At first I felt stupid, but then realized most people read it the same way I did. SO I found it interesting how much the division of type can effect how it is read and interpreted. How the slogan “Heal Thy Burgers” and still be applied to the theme of healthy burgers, so it is still possible this play on word was intentional.

 – Israel Rodriguez

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 5.26.22 PM

Surge of Neon


This is an example of when type comes off the computer and into another medium. This is a real sculpture that was made out of neon. There are many different layered typefaces, but they all seem very cohesive and go well together.

  • Allison Simenkiewicz

Along these lines….


I choose this example of type because it flows really well and it has a nice hand drawn feel, but the line weight is very cohesive – unlike a hand drawn typeface.  I think that the drawings give a sense wonder and it goes perfectly with the quote.
– Allison Simenkiewicz